Transcafé Rotterdam

We’re a queer positive place for everyone who’s involved with gender diversity; your SO, friends and your family are also welcome.
Whether you identify yourself as male, female, somewhere in between or none of the above, we all belong.

☆ Join us ☆

We’re open again!

And how we have missed you! We are very curious how you are doing.
We’ll be doing the best we can, COVID measures permitting.

As restrictions come and go, all times are subject to last-minute changes. Keep an eye on the schedule on this page!

We’re there for each other

At the Transcafé you’ll meet many people who are in the same boat, so you’ll never have to be alone. Here you’ll find a place where you’re free to be yourself and where you can leave your questions, fears and doubts behind. And where you can have a laugh, as every cloud has a silver lining.